Friday, 2 August 2019

Tai Ahom Dictionary Android Apps [ English to Tai Ahom ]

Tai Ahom Android Apps [ English to Tai Ahom ]

 Tai Ahom Dictionary for the first time a ahom dictionary app was created, This dictionary was built on the Bar Amra manuscript owned by Chau Junaram Sangbun Phukan and digitised by Zeenat Tabassum. Further words have been added using the translations from Ahom manuscripts done by Chaichuen Khamdaengyodtai and Stephen Morey

The dictionary is now available to be downloaded at   Click Here   
( Free Download link )

** How to search ?
=> when you search, you need to search with the English alphabet, like "ka, ma, ma" instead of the Ahom script.
Tai Ahom Dictionary Layout

The Tai Ahom Android Dictionary  has been created by Kellen van Dam
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